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16yr old dating

My son is sixteen and is dating a woman in her twenties.

I asked my son if they ever had been sexual together and he said yes.

However, I also realised from reading the messages that this man is aged 30 years old, meaning there is a large age gap between them, not even considering that fact that he is an adult and she is still technically a child and they now seem to be in some kind of romantic relationship.

As her mother I am unsure of how to act after discovering this information, especially as I learnt it through reading her private messages - which I know I should not have done, so I do not know how to approach the subject and wether it is a potentially dangerous and wrong relationship or if it is okay.

He may come to see your concern as reasonable and develop his own concerns when and if he doesn’t feel like he has to “prove something”.

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    Millie Barnes has had a crush on Joe Carpentar since middle school. Not true to the character the author was trying to create. Not enough sugar to make lemonade out of sour lemons.

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    The tracker that you connect to, for instance, may be itself a DHT node.

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    Download links are available via the Open release notes.