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“Parents are responsible for their children’s physical life as well as their online lives.”“I’ll take the invasion-of-privacy lawsuit from my kids rather than attend their funeral or therapy sessions for life,” says cyber safety specialist and former Ontario Police detective Rob Nickel.

Instead, the 36-year-old personal trainer was arrested by the Naperville Police Department High Technology Crimes Unit.

The investigative unit tracked Woldman’s communication with the underage girl using RADAR software, a technology developed for law enforcement by Robert Lotter, the CEO of the mobile security company e Agency.

She’s a big advocate of STOPit, an app that provides a place for students to anonymously report acts of cyberbullying to school officials and legal authorities.

“If an app like STOPit can make those who are targeted and bullied feel more supported, they might be inclined to report their bullies or if they notice someone else being bullied online, they just might stop being a bystander and report it,” she says.

And, “in the five cases that did go to trial, juries found the defendants guilty,” he, only 45 percent of teens had phones.